Tips on different levels of lighting.

Normally, there are 3 main levels of indirect light for plants:

  • Bright light: direct sunlight
  • Medium light: partial, filtered and indirect sunlight
  • Low light: minimal light 

Direction of the window facing:

  • Windows facing south can receive the most direct sunlight. 
  • Windows facing west get sunlight during mornings at normal medium level. But they do receive about 4 to 6 hours of intense and bright sunlight during the afternoon. 
  • Windows facing east can provide bright indirect light for most of the day throughout much of the year. However, between late spring and early autumn- they can also receive direct sunlight . 
  • Windows facing north never have bright, direct sunlight. (so leave a spot for your Gothic plants here!)

Suggestion for solving the bright light problem:

  • Move a few feet away from the windows, if you don't like how it looks then place it back next to the window when you get home- it won't be much of an eye-sore when you're at work or outta home when the sun hits the hardest. 
  • Or cover the window with a sheer curtain to filter the light.
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