Weeping Houseplants

Not only do people sometimes shed a tear, there are also 'weeping' houseplants. Banana plants and Alocasias suffer from it, as do the Monstrera and Epipremnum. The official term for this is Guttation.   

Guttation moisture contains many minerals that cause unsightly spots on the floor and on furniture. They are often very difficult to remove.

If a plant takes up too much water and minerals in the roots, the surplus is normally evaporated by the leaves during the day. Sometimes it can happen that the surplus is so large that it can no longer be evaporated.

Guttation is therefore not actually crying, but sweating out of moisture through the water pores of the plant. It is a way of the plant to get rid of excess moisture if it is not sufficiently evaporated by the leaves.

You can prevent guttation by watering the plant less. It can also help not to let the temperature drop too much at night. As a result, the plant can also evaporate water through the leaves at night.

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