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Arabica Coffee Plant Care

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Meet Arabica

The easy-to-care-for Arabica Coffee Plant has become popular indoor house plant that can produce white flowers and colorful cherries if grown large enough. The seeds inside the cherries are actually coffee beans, and make up around 60% of the world's coffee production. Originally found and documented in Yemen around the 12th century, Coffee arabica has a truly global distribution today. As a house plant, it requires minimum maintenance and can be put outside when the weather warms up.

  • Light: Coffee Plants need bright indirect light from an east or west facing window. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Pet FriendlyNo
  • Water: Water a Coffee Plant when the top 1"-2" of soil has dried out. These plants are not drought resistant and can suffer permanent damage if the soil totally dries out. Leaves fall off if the plant is over or under watered.
  • HumidityHigh
  • TemperatureThese plants prefer constant temperatures between 60° and 75° F. Coffee Plants can suffer damage if the temperature goes below 42° F or above 78° F.
  • Difficult Level: Medium

Common Questions:  Q&A

Why are my leaves drooping?

Your plant needs water! Drooping leaves are a direct indicator that your plant is lacking water. Once watered the leaves will perk up in a few hours.

What is the best soil for coffee plants?

Soil on the acidic side. A pH of 6.0 to 6.5 is ideal. Use a soil with a lot of organic matter, good drainage, and volcanic rock.

Why are my leaves brown, dead leaf edges?

Your plant may be getting too much direct sunlight, try finding a spot with more shade. If the leaves are completely brown prune them off. Be careful to never prune more than 20% of your plant at once as this will shock the plant. 

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