Our Experience, Your Advantage....

Our Experience, Your Advantage....


► Our Selection is huge! We literally carry hundreds of magnificent houseplants for every room in your house, for every specific wish and of course... at our very competitive pricing. (sales tax included).

► Our Quality is truly our Pride. All our plants are grown by our highly experienced- and dedicated growers using the healthiest 'planting material' available. After this, your order is hand picked and carefully inspected before it is shipped. This way you always will receive a good, strong and healthy houseplant.

► Our Service is what you may expect and beyond. We ship your houseplants all year round from our state-of-the-art shipping facilities. During the winter months we offer our Heat Pack Service. In our blogs, we give you advice and useful tips on houseplant topics that really matter. And on every page of this webshop you will find an e-mail form for when you need any further assistance.

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