Forest Jr.,The Most Beautiful Tree for Indoors

Forest Jr., the Most Beautiful Indoor Money Tree

Introducing Forest Jr.™

Forest Jr. is the giant under the houseplants. Or actually, Forest Jr. is just really a TREE. Have you always wanted a tree in your home? Then Forest Jr. is your best friend. Forest Jr. is always there for you. He is a wonderful cuddly tree for indoors, which you will never have to worry about or have any other problems with. As far as we are concerned, that is the definition of a good friend.

In addition, Forest Jr. is a real charmer. With his large strong braided trunk and impressive crown of leaves, he makes many people's hearts beat faster. Despite his impressive appearance, Forest Jr. just radiates warmth and coziness. As his new owner you must to be able to handle 'sharing the attention' in your house because a large indoor tree like Forest Jr. is a real eye-catcher and a true conversation piece

The most sympathetic tree for indoors

Forest Jr. is also a sweetheart. He takes good care of you and makes sure that your room will be filled with a wonderful fresh portion of oxygen. Forest Jr. does this by removing all harmful substances from the air in your room! And the best part is that he doesn't need much in return.

Because Forest Jr. is also a very sociable tree, he likes a good welcome drink.😉. Just give him a good gulp of water (about 1 gallon) after about 2 days of his arrival to your home and Forest Jr. will feel completely welcome. 

After Forest Jr. has settled in, he will be fine. You only have to water him once every 3 weeks! 

Meet the Forest Jr. brothers: 

First there is Forest Jr. 6". With his 2 1/2 ft. he is a big guy and he does not require too much care. He is more than happy with just one nice cup of fresh water every 3 weeks. This large indoor tree is however a bit of a chill. He doesn't like temperatures below 60°F. (but who does?).

Then we also have the smallest of the Forest Jr. brothers. With about 1 ft tall, is Forest Jr. 4" he smallest of the Forest Jr. family, but as a houseplant, he is still quite a big guy. As the smallest of the two Forest Jr. 4" is a bit shy. He likes semi-shady places best. Forest Jr. 4" looks best on a windowsill.

Each Forest Jr. tree could very well be the most suitable plant for every room in your house. Whether it's your living room, bathroom, bedroom or even (especially) your (home) office. That's why we think Forest Jr. is such a cool plant, but of course that is our opinion...

Do you also want a (or maybe several) Forest Jr. trees in your home or in your office? Well, all you have to do is "just order him". When you have chosen the Forest Jr. that suits you best, we will get to work for you. After you have completed your purchase, we will deliver your Forest Jr. as quickly as possible to your- or any address you'd like. Forest Jr. just can't wait to come and live with his new roommate (you)!

From that moment on you can expect Forest Jr. at your home within approx. 5 working days. You will of course understand that we will have a hard time letting Forest Jr. go, so we will be more than happy to inform- and guide you every step of the way about his wellbeing. Once he has settled in, we'll leave 'the two of you' alone.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to send us a message at: We're always up for a chat, so please don't hesitate to get in touch when you have any questions or concerns.


5 reasons to buy yourself a Money Tree.

The Money Plant aka Guiana Chestnut is native to Mexico, but heavily popular in East Asian countries such as Taiwan and in many corporate offices throughout the USA. We have called him Forest Jr. Here are some fun facts about the Money Tree plant and why he gained so much popularity over the years.

  1. Legend has it that a farmer prayed for wealth and was besotted a single Guiana Chestnut, which he grew into multiple trees and sold to become one of the wealthiest men in Taiwan.
  2. You’ll typically find 5 leaves on each branch, those 5 leaves represent the five balancing elements of earth- Fire, Air, Water, Metal and wood. The combination of these elements creates the perfect harmony and attracts positivity.
  3. Taking about leaves, if you find 7 leaves on a branch- consider buying that lottery ticket because that's doesn’t happen often (hence the immense luck associated with it).
  4. But if you really want your luck to kick in, you’d have to steal the plant from someone else's garden.
  5. The braided look isn’t natural, a man named Liu first braided his Money Tree plant in 1980’s, and the trend later spread all over world.

Common Caring Solutions:

Yellow leaves:
The leaves may turn yellow. This is because Forest gets too much light. Do not panic! Place your little green friend 3 ft. away from the window and you'll be fine. If the plant grows too fast, but with just a few leaves, he most likely is not getting enough light. In this case just make sure that he will get a bit more light by moving him closer to a window.

Brown Leaves:
Brown leaves are the result of too much or too little water. This allows the leaves to fall off more. When leaves tend to fall off in Winter it usually is because the humidity is too low. Just move Forest to a more humid environment.

The leaves of the Pachira Aquatiica are NOT meant for consumption. For your health (and of course for Forest Jr. himself) it is better not to eat his leaves.

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