Indoor Cactus Care Guide

Cactus Care Guide



Typically, Cacti are desert-dwelling plants that do best in dry, hot conditions. But these plants can also make great indoor houseplants. They are very low maintenance and need less care than other houseplants. We just have a few tips to give you to ensure your cactus thrives.
Choose a sunny location: Most species of cacti need several hours of sunlight each day. South and east-facing windows are best. Only take your cactus away from light if it starts to look yellowed, bleached, or orange. 
Water during the growing season: Overwatering is a sure way to kill your cactus but during the growing season it will need weekly watering. The growing season is typically between spring and fall. When the soil feels dry water until the soil is damp. 
Fresh air: Cacti enjoy plenty of fresh air. Make sure there is adequate circulation where you decide to keep your cactus. 

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