*** Alocasia Care Guide ***

Alocasia African Mask Plant


Meet Alocasia


Transform your abode with the Alocasia Polly African Mask! Its extraordinary foliage and eye-catching veining create a conversation piece like no other.
If given the proper care, this vibrant beauty will remain in your home for years to come.
Don't hesitate to make a bold statement and introduce this unique nature-inspired element in your living space - get the Alocasia Amazonica now!
Native to subtropical Asia and eastern Australia, this species has around 80 varieties and some of them boast leaves reaching almost three feet in length!

    Care Instructions:

    Light: Bright indirect light, but no direct sun.

    Pet FriendlyNo

    WaterAllow the top 2"- 3" of soil to dry out before watering. Try to keep the soil evenly moist. Alocasia plants require less water during the winter when it's dormant.

    Humidity: High

    Temperature60°-80° F. These plants become dormant with prolonged exposure to temperatures below 60° F.

    Difficult Level: Hard


    Common Questions and Answers:


    Why are my leaves drooping?

    You may be under-watering your plant, Alocasia plants prefer consistently moist soil. Alocasia plants thrive in humid environments. You can increase the humidity for your plant by misting the leaves regularly or placing a humidifier near by.

    Why are my leaves yellowing?

    You may be over watering your plant. Alocasia plants like to be kept damp but not overly wet. Keeping a regular watering schedule is important! Yellow leaves can also occur if the plant does not receive enough light. Remember some yellowing leaves are normal, plants will shed old leaves to send energy to the new ones!

    Why are there spots on my leaves?

    This may be a sign your plant has a disease or pests. This can be avoided by not over-watering and providing proper air circulation. If you do notice pests on your plant, spraying your plant with soapy water or neem oil will get rid of pests.

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