Nettle Care guide

Nettle (Baby's Tear) Care

Meet Nettle

Baby's Tear houseplants are easy to grow (hardy) and pet-friendly. This quick growing houseplant goes well in a large range of environments.

  • Light: The best part about this plant is that it doesn’t require excessive, direct sunlight. It can grow well in shady areas with marginal light. Keep them away from direct light as it may hinder their growth.
  • Pet Friendly: Yes
  • Water: For the optimal growth, it’s best to you keep your container or bed consistently moist. However, it should never be soggy. The first rule of Baby’s Tear plant care is to give it a moist environment but the level of water must not go overboard.
  • Humidity: High
  • Temperature: Normal household temperatures or even a little cooler are best for a Baby's Tear plant. 60°-75° F are ideal temperatures.
  • Difficult LevelEasy

Common Problems Q&A

Why are my leaves brown and scorched?

If you notice scorched leaves your plant is likely getting too much full sun. Although Baby's Tear plants can handle brief direct sunlight, they do best in bright, filtered light.

Why are my leaves drooping or wilting?

Your plant is likely not receiving enough water. Baby's Tear plants love water and do not like to dry out. Once you notice the drooping leaves water your plant immediately and it should perk back up within a day! 
Where in my home should I place my plant?

Baby's Tear plants love humidity, so this plant would thrive in a bathroom or kitchen!

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