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Hoya Care

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Meet Hoya

Hoya vines are wood-like and Hoya leaves are waxy. Native to tropical Asia, these houseplants do well in warm weather.

  • Light: Hoya plants do best and bloom more often in very bright light. They are one of the few indoor plants that can handle direct sun. Although hoya plants can adapt to lower light, they will grow slower and not produce their fragrant waxy flowers that are so beautiful.
  • Pet FriendlyYes
  • Water: Hoyas are succulent plants so allow the soil to dry out quite a bit before watering. These plants do thrive on neglect but need additional water when in bloom.
  • Humidity: Medium
  • TemperatureHoya plants can adapt to almost any moderate temperature, but prefer 60°-65° F at night and 70°-80° F during the day.
  • Difficult LevelEasy


Common Problems Q&A

Why is my plant experiencing leaf-drop & blackening of leaves?

This is likely due to poor water drainage or temperatures that are too cool for your plant. 

Why are my leaves wrinkling?

This is generally a sign that your plant is lacking water. If you notice wrinkling simply water your plant and maintain a consistent watering schedule.

Why are my leaves lacking color?

This is likely due to insufficient light. In order to produce bright colored leaves and flowers Hoya plants need bright light. Try placing your Hoya in an area where it will receive bright light.

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