Hypoestes Care Guide

Care Guide

Hypoestes 'Polka Dot Plant' Care

Meet Hypoestes

The most common Polka Dot Plant on the market is the pink polka dot, but in recent years growers have introduced new varieties in colors such as white or red. They've also developed plants with deeper colors and brighter contrast, so your plants will pop even more!

  • Light: A Hypoestes, grows best in bright indirect light. Too much light or too little light causes the colors in the leaves of this plant to fade.
  • Pet FriendlyYes
  • Water: Water a Hypoestes plant well and then allow the top 25% of the soil to dry out before watering again. Over-watering causes root rot. If the leaves of a Hypoestes droop, they quickly perk up after a little water.
  • HumidityMedium
  • Temperature: Hypoestes plants prefer warm temperatures around 75° F. 
  • Difficult Level: Medium

Common Problems Q&A

Why are my colors fading?

This is likely due to inadequate lighting. If your Hypoestes plant is placed in low light the growth will become leggy and the color will fade. A location that is too bright will also cause colors to fade. Hypoestes plants like plants with bright indirect light.

Why is my plant wilting?

This is generally a sign that your plant is not receiving enough water. Watering your plant should help it perk right up. Maintaining a consistent watering schedule will help keep your plant happy.

Why are my leaves damaged?

Make sure to water you plant from a soil level, If you water from the top the foliage may experience some damage. 

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