Plants can help with sound insulation

Plants can help with sound insulation

Ficus, Senecio or Spathiphyllum

There are many ways to insulate your home. For example with the popular acoustic wooden panels. A single strategically placed panel can already provide better acoustics or noise reduction. In addition, textile is a material that absorbs sound, which is good to know when purchasing a new sofa. Of course (large) rugs are also a good solution or, in a really noisy house, carpet on the floor.

Tall Plants:

However, there are more options that don't require too much effort. One that's not too obvious: Plants! The higher the plant, the more sound it captures. After all, the total surface of the leaves from a tall plant is much larger and there is a good reason why you’ll find in so many (hip) offices tall houseplants, such as the Ficus.

In addition, the species (plant variety) is also important. Although the Senecio plant is small, it can absorb up to 90 percent of the noise in a room, according to researchers. An additional advantage is that hanging plants, which the Senecio plant is, are completely in fashion nowadays.

The Spathiphyllum Plant has even a double function: it not only purifies the air and (dangerous) particulate matter, it also absorbs high tones. Moreover, he is easy to keep alive which is great when there aren’t many 'green thumbs' around. The Ficus with its rubbery and different colored leaves also blocks out the annoying and unwanted tones. According to experts, this is the best of all sound-absorbing plants.

On the other hand, the curly Fern, also a plant for the soundproof list, could be a good idea for those who do have green thumbs. The Fern requires proper care. The begonia also does well aesthetically, with its green and purple colors.

A Moss Wall:

If you want to use heavier artillery then a complete moss wall, one of the current living trends, could be an idea. Don't be afraid to water the wall every day but often is just the condensation from cooking, for example, enough to keep the moss green and alive.

With soundproofing greenery in your home, you don't just do your ears a favor. The plants themselves also benefit from sound, as an American plant scientist found in his research. It stimulates the growth of the plant and it promotes seed germination. It also provides an immune response against pathogens and stress tolerance and improves photosynthesis.

Reasons enough to think seriously about plants and to try a few.

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